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Welcome Justin Frye – AMLS Aircraft Sales Director …

Justin comes to A-MLS from a industry known helicopter charter and management company in NY where he served in the Flight Operations department as a Helicopter Flight Coordinator.  Justin handled all aspects of trip development from taking requests for trips, to fleet scheduling, to crew briefing and flight following, to trip invoicing. Prior to Justin’s employment in aviation he was a cost engineer and project manager for multiple construction firms.  At these firms Justin developed his skills in data and financial analysis, cost tracking, and efficiency techniques.  Justin successfully took these skills with him to the aviation and was able to pinpoint problem areas in the company’s fleet usage and existing contracts helping the company come out of a significant deficit.

Justin is currently in the senior year of his Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Business Analysis and is expect to graduate in the Spring of 2013.  Upon graduation, Justin is projected to enter into Pace Law School were he has already been accepted.

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