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Below are our current real estate listings available.

AMLS is not licensed and does not represent itself as a real-estate agent or broker. AMLS serves as a listing agent for those providing a service to the aviation industry..

West Tisbury and Edgartown

RE-home_0001dEnjoy yourself in a beautiful, large bright, vacation home located on 1.1 green acres just steps from the State Forest bike path and two miles from Long Point Beach.

Sleeps: 10     |     Bathrooms: 4
     |     Minimum Stay: 7 Nights

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5 Bedrooms in Woodstock NY with Airstrip

ULSTER20140653AIRPORT!! This is a legal 4000 foot runway in Woodstock, NY. Can be used privately or for business. Comes with a 5 bedroom, 1.5 bath…

Sleeps: 10     |     Bathrooms: 1
     |     For Sale: Yes

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