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Welcome Justin Frye – AMLS Aircraft Sales Director …

Justin comes to A-MLS from a industry known helicopter charter and management company in NY where he served in the Flight Operations department as a Helicopter Flight Coordinator.  Justin handled all aspects of trip development from taking requests for trips, to fleet scheduling, to crew briefing and flight following, to trip invoicing. Prior to Justin’s employment in aviation he was a cost engineer and project manager for multiple construction firms.  At these firms Justin developed his skills in data and financial analysis, cost tracking, and efficiency techniques.  Justin successfully took these skills with him to the aviation and was able to pinpoint problem areas in the company’s fleet usage and existing contracts helping the company come out of a significant deficit.

Justin is currently in the senior year of his Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Business Analysis and is expect to graduate in the Spring of 2013.  Upon graduation, Justin is projected to enter into Pace Law School were he has already been accepted.

Kingston-Ulster Airport

The Kingston–Ulster Airport is a privately owned public-use airport located in the Town of Ulster, near the City of Kingston, New York in the beautiful Hudson Valley. In service for approximately 50 years, the Kingston-Ulster Airport is a gateway connecting Ulster County with the national air transportation system.

Kingston-Ulster AirportKingston-Ulster Airport

The Airport complex consists of a single 60 foot wide by 3,100 foot long asphalt runway (Runway 15/33) with a separate, parallel asphalt taxiway, fuel depot, pilots’ lounge, and multiple hangar and tie-down facilities. In addition, flight school, plane rentals, aircraft maintenance and scenic flight services are all available on the complex managed and supported by trained and qualified personnel.

Plane Towing at KUAPlane Towing at KUA

The Kingston–Ulster Airport prides itself on maintaining a safe and secure facility.  The complex supports a “pilot controlled” lighting system for 24/7 operations whereby the Pilot is capable of lighting the runway, windsock, taxi-way and threshold lights via clicking the radio mike while on frequency 123.3.  The runway surface and airport grounds are meticulously maintained year round for safe and secure operations including a security fence surrounding the Airport property and motorized access gates and automated key pad locking system to the Airport complex.  In addition, the Airport has an Automated Weather Observing System (“AWOS”) for additional safety and is free to anyone in the air or on the ground at any time.

Airport Operations

River Aviation, the Airport’s fixed-base operator (“FBO”), employs a staff of qualified pilots, instructors and support personnel and handles the majority of the management and business services provided at the Airport.

Kingston-Ulster Airport Services

Just a few of the services offered at Kingston-Ulster Airport.

Kingston-Ulster Airport HangarKingston-Ulster Airport Hangar

Tern Aviation provides aircraft maintenance and repair services and is located in a central hanger on the Kingston-Ulster Airport complex. Tern Aviation is a fully licensed, trained and knowledgeable mechanic capable of everything from minor maintenance and up-keep to major repairs.

For more information, contact Dave Jonas at (845) 201-0041.

Tern Aviation is independently owned and operated.

Article taken from KINGSTON-ULSTER AIRPORT – http://www.kingstonulsterairport.com
URL to article: http://www.kingstonulsterairport.com/

Aviation Continuing Education (ACE)

ACE offers FAA, OSHA and EPA courses meeting Federal training requirements. In addition, ACE can provide FBO’s a section on its website or a standalone FBO branded training website that can be used to track important corporate communications and employee training.

Federal Compliance Training Center
14 CFR 139.321(e1)(e2)
Fuel Safety and Inspection Training

Supervisory Fuel Safety and Inspection (e1)
Line Service Training (e2)
Self Fueler Training

Airport Ground Safety Training

Ramp Operational Safety Training
Airport Ground Vehicles Training

Environmental Compliance Training

Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPP)
Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures

OSHA General Safety Training

Over 75 OSHA General Safety Courses